Where is God in my wilderness

When I was first asked this question I thought, well, that will be easy to answer; it’s easy to say where God is for me, He’s just there, at my side. But then, I thought maybe it wasn’t so easy; where is my wilderness?

On a bright sunny day, when work was good and life easy, I didn’t have a wilderness. However, on a day when the commute to work had been tough, when I had ten things at work that needed to have been done yesterday and I had family stuff to sort out, I was stressed and tired.  I felt as if life was crap and I wanted to cry, and I thought here is my wilderness, not one of physical discomfort but one of mixed up emotions.  So, where was God in that wilderness of mine?

I looked and couldn’t see him.  Then I looked a little harder and he was there, pulling me from my wilderness, reminding me how insignificant my stresses and worries were.  What were they when I thought of my God who loved me so much that he sent his son to earth to be human, to be just like me.

And then his son, with all our human frailties went through such pain and suffering for me, died on a cross for me so that I could have everlasting life. My wilderness just went, what were all those stresses and upsets when I thought of that wonderful, glorious everlasting life that God has to give me, to everyone.

Sophie, Financial Services Industry

  1. ianp69 said:

    Sometimes its good to overcome the rush rush rush and the stress /pressure of our days and to realise that its all about the ones we love. And if we have a true relationship with God and we love Him and begin to notice what He really does do for us and has done for us then You can see He really is there.

  2. vedastmichael said:

    As regards Ian’s wise comments on the “rush, rush, rush” of today’s world, I think it is important to set firm boundaries up against the modern world to actively lead a spiritual life – ration the use of the mobile phone, limit ipod use, set aside time for praying and reading, limit internet use, ignore the pressure to “succeed” or gain more. I am a great believer in the old-fashioned pious saying – “Beware the world, the great deceiver of souls”. It is not that the world is all bad. It is that it fools one – leads one up the garden path spiritually and down again and causes one to waste time on what does not really matter.

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