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If I had not suffered
I would not have known the love of God.
If many people had not suffered
God’s love would not have been passed on.
If Jesus had not suffered
God’s love would not have been made visible.

Mizuno Genzo, Japan

We thank you, Father, for those days in the desert when, through prayer and fasting, Jesus discovered your will for his life and overcame the temptations of the Evil one.

Help us to come close to you and to listen to your voice.  Give us strength to overcome the temptation to please ourselves and live life without you.  Teach us your way.  For Jesus’s sake.  Amen

From the Alternative Service Book (1980)

God of all beauty, whose will it is that all your creatures should enjoy the world and the life you have given us; we know that many are unable to do this through hunger, poverty, disease, oppression, ignorance or sin.  Let us never rest content in your joys until we have done everything in our power and by your grace to help others to share them also.

George Appleton

Most people’s wilderness is inside them, not outside.  Thinking of it outside is a trick we play on ourselves – a trick to hide from what we really are, not comfortingly wicked, but incapable, for the time being, of establishing communion.

Harry Williams, English Theologian

O God, who has made the heaven and the earth and all that is good and lovely therein, and has shown us through Jesus Christ our Lord that the secret of joy is a heart free from selfish desires, help us to find delight in simple things and ever to rejoice in the riches of your bounty, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

From ‘The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory’


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