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Lord, for thy tender mercies’ sake, lay not our sins to our charge, but forgive all that is past and give us grace to amend our lives; to decline from sin and incline to virtue, that we may walk with a perfect heart before thee, now and evermore.  Amen.

Source unknown, 16th century

In the wilderness you are thrown onto your own resources, you always arrive there on your own. We find ourselves in the wilderness through circumstance or through our own choices, good or bad. I have found myself in the wilderness at several stages through my life either because of what has happened to me or what I have chosen to do.

It can be a bleak and lonely place but what has heartened me, what continues to hearten me, is the sure and certain knowledge that ours is the God who brings streams to the desert. He has always made the wilderness bloom and I have experienced for myself that, after the solitude and self examination which the wilderness affords, there has always been a period of growth, change and development.

This is not to say that I wilfully seek wilderness experiences, just that when they occur I am not cast down.

Erica Jane: Teacher


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